As an artist, I would like to share with you the introduction of Micro Arts Patronage, a new format for an age-old pact between art lover and artist.

In the past it was royalty, popes, cardinals and wealthy merchants who supported artists in exchange for their work and services. Many beautiful works of art were created in this way.

What is this new form, Micro Arts Patronage?

The Micro Patron builds up credit with a monthly contribution of a fixed sum.

With this accumulated credit the Micro Patron can either purchase a work of art, or make use of the artist’s services at a modest hourly rate. When the credit is spent, a 15% bonus is added.

What does the Micro Arts Patron get in return?

A variety of works of art in different techniques, sizes and price ranges (including multiples and photographs at moderate prices).

Commissioned art (unique objects or photographs, murals, stained glass windows, business gifts, garden objects and other multi-dimensional work).


  • Colour consultancy (ranging from choosing the colour for a living room wall to the entire colour concept for a home, office or company)
  • Interior consultancy (ranging from hunting for a lamp together to the lay-out and furnishing of a home or company)
  • Furniture design and construction (from a simple made-to-order bookcase to an idiosyncratic design for a chest of drawers)
  • Individual counselling and support of amateurs and children creating their own works of art
  • Creative workshops and courses for individuals, groups and companies
  • Photoshop and computer drawing lessons
  • A get-together with drinks for business contacts and customers in my studio
  • Website design

If you’re interested in any of the above, or would like any more information, please contact me through this website.