My free work consist of 2- and 3- dimensional autonomous objects and installations, which are especcially made for a certain space. Important elements in my work are: light, geometry and the use of ultramarine blue. In my 2- dimensional objects I play with de 3rd (and perhaps 4th) dimension. No matter whether my objects are large or small, they all eminate an monumental property. Born and raised in the Roman-Catholic south, formal Roman-Catholic elements regurly appear in my work. Architecture, science, mathematics and nature are my primary sources of inspiration.


Besides my free work I accept commissions. This varies from glass- and mural paintings, garden objects and interior designs to stained glass and the complete interior design of chapels.



As a motto for my artistry this citation from the French writer Gustave Flaubert:

"What seems to me the highest (and the hardest) in arts, is neither to elicit a laugh or a tear from the public, nor to get them heated up or to enrage them, but to get them to ponder, as does nature"